Ecommerce customer service email support has been around for a long time. However, with the rise of social media and live chat services, businesses have started deprioritizing it. So, you may ask, "Is it still relevant in communicating with my online customers?" Well, we’re here to tell you that it is and has greater accessibility than any other support channel.

In fact, about 4.26 billion people use email globally, which is roughly half of the world’s population. That means, regardless of your customer demographics, you can target anyone who’s ready to buy from your business. And the best part is you can do it without depending on social media algorithms and search engine ranking. 

Nowadays, keeping in touch with customers after purchasing is a major challenge for Ecommerce brands. This blog post explains how Ecommerce customer service email support can encourage repeat purchases, and hence increase customer lifetime value.

How Can You Increase Customer Lifetime Value using Ecommerce Customer Service Email Support?

1. It customizes your method of communication with your customers

The emails you send to your customers should be thoughtful and relevant because they already receive many emails. You run the risk of increasing unsubscribes and ultimately slowing conversions if you keep delivering the same email to every consumer on your email list. To engage customers with your email marketing efforts, use targeted email marketing. 

Targeted email marketing increases your chances of standing out in your customer’s inbox. Instead of sending every email to every customer, you can target customers with similar interests or characteristics by filtering your data and sending it to small segments of your list. To get started, segment your customers by country, gender, interests, and where they are in your sales funnel. 

Segmenting your email subscribers into specific groups makes it easy to customize or personalize your emails for your target audience. You can get as creative as possible by inserting images, user-generated content, how-to guides, and industry/related news in your email to keep your customers hooked. It can also help you upsell or cross-sell offers to your prospective customer.

For example, a customer will probably be interested in soccer if they buy cleats, a soccer ball, and shin pads from your store. A good place to start is by creating a segment where you may group together preferences and hobbies. From there, you can upsell a premium product or cross-sell products related to soccer.

2. It provides your customers with one of the best support channels

Many businesses have started giving email less importance in recent years as channels like Facebook Messenger, and WeChat became more popular for one-on-one conversations. However, email is preferred by 62% of customers over any other channel, including phone, chat, and even social media, when contacting customer service. One of the reasons why Ecommerce customer service email support still matters today is because of its accessibility and convenience. 

Email is accessible on all of our devices. In fact, it is so widely used that anyone with an internet connection may use it with little to no difficulty. Most of your customers can get started with few (or no) modifications to their basic email settings, and frequently there is nothing that needs to be downloaded for them to get set up and running.

Moreover, it’s perfect for busy customers who want to interact at times that are convenient for them. Also, customers can feel secure knowing that all interactions are documented and easy to find. Without compromising customer privacy, agents can instantly provide in-depth case summaries and have dialogues with customers.

3. It reduces your shopping cart abandonment

Did you know that shopping cart abandonment costs online merchants $18 billion in lost annual sales? What's worse is that the consequences go beyond loss in revenue. Other effects could include a decline in customer lifetime value, an increase in inventory and product availability problems, and a slowdown in website performance.

Having Ecommerce customer service email support is one of the best strategies to re-engage a potential customer who had previously abandoned their shopping carts. All you need to do is send a series of abandoned cart recovery emails. This will help you bring back customers in your funnel and increase revenue that would have been lost. 

Cart abandonment emails have a straightforward message. Below is a summary of some important details you should include in your email:

  • Eye-catching subject line
  • Introduction
  • Items left in the cart
  • Exclusive offers or discount
  • Call-to-action CTA)
  • Social proof (e.g., customer reviews, testimonials)
  • Closing remarks

While Ecommerce customer service email support can help you restore lost revenue, you should also be proactive in reducing shopping cart abandonment. You may need product photo editing and product description writing services to enrich your site with compelling images and copy. By doing so, customers will proceed to the checkout process and buy your products without friction. 

4. It is cost-effective and has a good ROI

One of the big reasons why successful retailers use Ecommerce customer service email support is that it is the most cost-effective regarding spending on marketing. Although the findings of many studies have produced varying conclusions, one factor unites them all: email support offers a higher return on investment than any other support channel.

According to email tracker research, an email campaign's expected return on investment is over $40 for every dollar spent. In percentage, that’s a 4000% return on investment! That is a greater return than you can get from any other type of support channel, whether digital or not.

Email is one of the best tools to boost conversions without spending too much. In many cases, businesses only spend money on email automation software to set up campaigns and distribute emails to subscribers. The cost will vary based on their customer's requirements and the quantity of emails that must be sent. But overall, it costs nearly nothing and can save tons of time when you have the right email and chat support specialist.  

5. It assists in your customer retention strategies

Not only is having an Ecommerce customer service email support crucial for attracting customers, but it also assists in customer retention. Sharing insightful content, involving customers in retargeting campaigns, and tailoring your emails to their interests will increase your chances of keeping your repeat buyers. 

A thank you note and appreciation emails, for example, can go a long way, particularly in building genuine customer relationships. By using these emails, customers will know that you appreciate and value their time and generosity. Your customers want to feel like people, not just another name on your email list. 

Moreover, the post-purchase stages are now the main focus of the new marketing funnel. Converting prospects into buyers is no longer the ultimate objective. Nowadays, companies strive to increase customer lifetime value by retaining customers who can buy from their business for a long time. That said, post-purchase emails are your best bet on improving the repeat purchasing pattern of your customers, which boosts your customer lifetime value.

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