Business is picking up and you’re wondering if you’re better off maintaining your Ecommerce operations internally or outsourcing them. 

Most Ecommerce business owners are faced with this dilemma sooner or later. Although there are some advantages to handling everything internally, outsourcing Ecommerce services might be considered the best solution when the volume of orders and customer inquiries arise, especially if you need to scale your business fast and you’d like to cut on costs as much as possible.

In this blog article, we compiled a list of the most outsourced Ecommerce services. Consider outsourcing these services to ManilaPros and reap the benefits of reducing your labor costs while increasing your operational efficiency and resource flexibility:

List of Ecommerce Services You Can Outsource to ManilaPros

When you consider outsourcing some of your operations, you may be wondering where you should start. Check out this list of most outsourced Ecommerce services below to see which operational processes other businesses are outsourcing successfully.

1. Ecommerce phone support 

Ecommerce phone support services provide online customers with live answering service, order processing, and help desk support. For example, if a customer reaches out to follow up on their order requests, an agent handles the call efficiently and resolves the issue on the first contact. Below are the benefits of implementing phone support services for your online business:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retain repeat buyers
  • Generate insights from customers to improve service quality
  • Boost sales and customer loyalty through frictionless customer experience
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity of the customer support team
  • Provide round-the-clock support to customers all over the world

Having reliable phone customer service is crucial to Ecommerce order fulfillment. Your business must provide holistic customer support via phone from the moment your customers place an order until they receive it in front of their doors. 

2. Ecommerce email and chat support

Ecommerce email & chat support enables online retailers to respond faster to customers while providing them convenience and greater accessibility. On the one hand, email support assists customers in sending urgent inquiries on their preferred devices. On the other hand, chat support reduces abandoned carts by guiding customers in placing their orders. Below are the benefits of having email & chat support for your Ecommerce business:

  • Improve customer experience with faster response times
  • Provide ease in conducting surveys to measure customer’s level of satisfaction
  • Take less than a minute to resolve issues compared to other service channels
  • Get instant documentation by accessing all email and chat histories, which can be sorted, searched, and filtered
  • Reduce the need to hire more people since agents can manage multiple emails and chat windows at once

Integrating your live chat and email support can help you make the best use of your data to personalize your customer support. You can segment your audience based on their behavior by using information pulled from your web live chat to produce highly targeted email campaigns. 

3. Ecommerce social media support

Ecommerce social media support provides content moderation and community engagement for online retailers selling their products on social media platforms. With real-time monitoring and checking of all user-generated content, a social media moderator can address negative reviews about a product and remove unwanted content that can harm your brand. Here’s how social media support can benefit your Ecommerce brand:

  • Reduce the risks of unwanted content on your social media pages
  • Increase online visibility and drive positive engagement among users
  • Provides customers with entertaining and meaningful experiences online
  • Gain opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to a broader audience online
  • Enforce stronger adherence to your internal community guidelines

Social media moderation assists in establishing consistent brand communication in addition to preserving a positive online presence. Businesses utilize it to interact with customers in chat, forums, and comment sections. That said, your brand is present on your customer’s most preferred social channel, whether it is Facebook or Instagram. 

4. Ecommerce product data entry

Ecommerce product data entry helps businesses index large volumes of product data into Ecommerce channels. It ensures that a retailer enters accurate photos, product specs, and product category tags while meeting SEO standards. Below are the benefits of outsourcing product data entry services:

  • Maintain quality and consistent product data in all Ecommerce channels
  • Increase visibility on marketplaces through proper product categorization
  • Boost upselling/cross-selling rates with high-quality product data
  • Attract customers and drive sales with compelling product information
  • Enhance your team’s efficiency in managing large volumes of product data 

Hiring an eCommerce data entry specialist is essential to reducing product data entry errors on Amazon and other marketplaces. With accurate product data management and processing, retailers can keep an up-to-date product catalog and optimize product data across all sales channels. 

5. Ecommerce product description writing

Ecommerce product description writing services enable businesses to create unique product copy that resonates with their target market. From optimizing product titles to writing product descriptions, it helps you highlight your unique selling points and convert clicks into sales. Here are the benefits of having a dedicated product description writer:

  • Enrich product catalog with well-researched, customer-focused product content 
  • Build customer trust and credibility with professionally-written product content
  • Stand out among competitors by optimizing product content for search engines
  • Attract customer attention and increase your conversion rate
  • Produce publish-ready content on top marketplaces at any scale

Apart from generating 100% original content, a product description writer is also knowledgeable about best SEO practices. This is to satisfy your searcher intent and attract only relevant customers that are more likely to buy from your store. 

6. Ecommerce product photo editing

Ecommerce product photo editing services produce the finest product images that meet marketplaces’ standards. By applying photo manipulation, an ordinary photo becomes as realistic as possible, allowing customers to experience the product virtually. 

  • Solidify your online brand with professionally-edited product photos
  • Attract more potential customers and convert them into buyers
  • Build trust and credibility among your potential and existing customers
  • Generate more revenue by increasing your conversion rates
  • Customize product photos based on the platform you want to use it

In fact, 75% of online shoppers use product images to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase. If your products are not getting much attention, you may need a dedicated product photo editor to elevate your product photos. Here are the benefits of having product photo editing services for your online store:

7. Ecommerce web and graphic design

Ecommerce web and graphic design services support Ecommerce businesses in creating digital assets for their marketing collaterals. From marketing emails to social media banners to infographics, landing pages, and more, we help online retailers streamline their creative production. To sum up, here’s how web and graphic design strengthens your online brand:

  • Provide customers with an instant connection to your brand’s mission and values
  • Create a professional online presence that builds trust and credibility
  • Increase engagement and impression on social media channels
  • Get a competitive edge and differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Convert your potential customers into buyers, leading to increased sales

With on-brand designs, retailers can visually communicate their brand messages, whether it is on social media channels or web pages. Also, it’s easier to build brand recognition and maintain consistency across all digital assets. 

8. Ecommerce print design

Ecommerce print design services focus on creating designs for commercial products and printed media. The main goal of this service is to create print designs that are functional and appealing to end-users. With a custom-fit packaging design, a product is more likely to be sold online and in physical stores. Here are the advantages of hiring a print designer for your Ecommerce operations:

  • Build trust among customers with professional product packaging designs
  • Increase brand recognition with easy-to-recognize product packaging designs
  • Speed up your print designing processes with the help of an expert
  • Avoid cost overruns from failed print designs and missed deadlines
  • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors with cookie-cutter print designs

Print designers choose the right font and color, adjust line and letter spacing, and make visual elements of a product design stand out to the end-users. They also ensure that a design’s dimensions and technical specifications are suitable for printing. 

9. Ecommerce motion graphics design

Ecommerce motion graphics design offers basic to advanced video and animation services. It’s ideal for businesses that want to showcase their product’s functionality through different types of marketing videos like product demos and explainer videos. Here are the benefits of incorporating video content into your Ecommerce business:

  • Promote greater brand awareness on all communication channels
  • Convert more prospects into a customer than any other marketing content
  • Keep users stay longer on web pages and social media platforms
  • Encourage more social shares and online engagements
  • Boost your SEO ranking and increase your organic traffic

Video marketing is the most powerful tactic to increase awareness and engagement for your business. To capture your customer’s attention, you may want to introduce your brand or your product in moving pictures. That way, you can move your potential customers down your sales funnel. 

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