Are you considering outsourcing your customer live chat services to the Philippines? In this blog article, we will give you the information you need to make the most of your live chat outsourcing in the Philippines. We'll cover the benefits of outsourcing, the different types of services available, and live chat best practices you need to take to ensure you get the best results.  

Also, you'll learn what makes the Philippines stand out as an outsourcing destination, and how to find the right service provider for your live chat needs. By the end of this, you'll be able to make informed decisions whether to outsource your live chat support functions. 

Live Chat Outsourcing Philippines: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Live chat outsourcing in the Philippines is a business practice where a company hires a team of people based in the Philippines to handle customer support through live chat on its behalf. The goal is to provide 24/7 customer service and improve the customer experience by quickly answering questions and resolving issues. 

Here's how it works: 

1. The company sets up a live chat system on its website or through a third-party provider. 

2. The company hires a team of customer support agents based in the Philippines. 

3. Customers can access the live chat on the company's website and receive immediate assistance from a support agent. 

4. The Philippine-based agents handle the customer inquiries and support requests through the live chat system. 

5. The company benefits from having a dedicated team available to handle customer inquiries around the clock, improving the customer experience.

What are the services offered by live chat outsourcing companies in the Philippines?

Live chat outsourcing companies in the Philippines offer a wide range of services to support your customer service operations. Here’s a list of customer support services that live chat channel can help you with:

Customer Service and Support

This service involves providing customers with immediate assistance through live chat, usually for resolving queries, complaints, or providing product information. 

Sales and Lead Generation

Companies can leverage live chat outsourcing to generate sales leads through the chat platform by answering customer inquiries, providing product demos and making recommendations.

Technical Support

Technical support through live chat can help companies resolve customer technical issues in real-time, reducing wait time and improving customer satisfaction. 

Order Taking and Processing

Live chat outsourcing companies can assist companies with order taking and processing by providing customers with real-time assistance in placing orders and resolving any issues that arise during the process. 

Customer Feedback and Surveys

By using live chat, companies can collect customer feedback and opinions in real-time, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes. 

Appointment Scheduling

Companies can use live chat outsourcing to schedule appointments with customers and provide real-time assistance with appointment related inquiries. 

Social Media Management

Live chat outsourcing companies can provide social media support for companies that need assistance in responding to messages and comments, and managing customer inquiries. 

Customer Relationship Management

Live chat outsourcing companies can help companies manage their customer relationships by providing real-time assistance, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing churn. 

Multilingual Support

Companies can provide multilingual support to customers through live chat outsourcing by having agents who speak multiple languages, improving the customer experience for non-English speaking customers.

What are the benefits of live chat outsourcing in the Philippines? 

Companies that outsource their live chat support to a low cost country with a large pool of skilled professionals like the Philippines can enjoy the following benefits:

Save on labor costs

Outsourcing live chat to the Philippines can be significantly less expensive than hiring in-house staff or outsourcing to other countries. This is because the Philippines has the lowest wage rates in the world but offers top-notch services. Businesses that outsource to the Philippines save money on salaries, benefits, and other associated costs, as their outsourcing vendors cover all these staffing expenses. 

High-quality customer service

Filipino customer service representatives are known for their excellent English language skills and friendly demeanor, which makes them an ideal choice for live chat outsourcing. They are trained to provide prompt, accurate, and friendly support, helping to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, the Philippines is the number one outsourcing hub for voice-enabled services for US companies. 

Increase customer satisfaction

Providing fast and responsive customer support through live chat can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly get answers to their questions and resolve any issues they may have. 

Increase operational efficiency

By automating repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more complex issues, outsourcing live chat can improve the overall efficiency of your customer support operations. This can help reduce response times, improve first-contact resolution rates, and increase overall customer satisfaction. 

Large pool of talented professionals

The Philippines has a large and growing pool of highly-skilled customer service professionals, making it easy to find the right talent for your business. This can help ensure that you have the right people in place to provide the best possible customer support. 

Scale up quickly

Outsourcing live chat allows businesses to quickly and easily scale their customer support operations to meet changing demand. Philippines call centre outsourcing companies can guarantee that you have the resources in place to handle peak periods of customer activity, without having to hire additional staff or invest in new technology. 

Improve data security

Outsourcing live chat to a reputable service provider can provide better data security and privacy protections compared to in-house operations. This can help reduce the risk of data breaches and protect sensitive customer information. By outsourcing live chat, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their customer data is being handled in a secure and professional manner.

How much does it cost to outsource live chat to the Philippines vs other countries? 

Outsourcing live chat to the Philippines can result in significant cost savings compared to staffing in the US. According to the data, the average salary for a chat support in the US is $39,285 per year, whereas in the Philippines it's $17,250 per year. This shows that outsourcing to the Philippines can result in a savings of approximately 56% compared to staffing in the US. It's important to note that cost should not be the only factor considered when choosing to outsource, and factors such as language skills and cultural compatibility should also be taken into account.

What are the best practices for outsourcing live chat to the Philippines? 

If you’re planning to outsource live chat support to the Philippines, here are proven best practices to set you up for success:

Clearly define and communicate expectations

Before starting the live chat outsourcing project, it is important to clearly define and communicate the goals, objectives, and expectations to the vendor or team in the Philippines. This includes the type of customer inquiries that will be handled, the expected response time, the desired quality of customer service, and any other relevant information. By clearly communicating the expectations, both the company and the vendor can have a shared understanding of what is expected and can work towards achieving the same goals. 

Hire the right vendor

It is important to find an outsourcing vendor that has experience in live chat outsourcing and has a proven track record of delivering quality customer service. The vendor should be equipped with the right resources and technology to support the live chat outsourcing project. This includes the necessary software, hardware, and human resources to handle customer inquiries effectively. 

Provide comprehensive training

Live chat agents in the Philippines should receive comprehensive training on the company's products and services, the tone of voice, customer service standards, and any other relevant information. This training should ensure that the agents are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle customer inquiries effectively and provide quality customer service. 

Set up clear processes and procedures

It is important to establish clear processes and procedures for handling customer inquiries, escalation of issues, and reporting of customer feedback. This helps to ensure that the live chat agents in the Philippines are able to handle customer inquiries effectively and provide a consistent level of customer service. 

Regularly monitor and evaluate performance

Regular monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the live chat agents in the Philippines is important to ensure that they are meeting the company's expectations and providing quality customer service. This can be done through regular customer satisfaction surveys, monitoring of response times and resolution times, and other metrics that are relevant to the company's goals and objectives. 

Encourage feedback and communication

Regular feedback and communication between the company and the live chat agents in the Philippines is important to identify areas for improvement and to ensure that the project is on track. This can be done through regular meetings, email, or other forms of communication. Encouraging open and honest communication helps to build trust and ensures that both parties are aligned in their goals and objectives. 

Invest in technology

Investing in technology that can support the live chat outsourcing project is important to ensure that Filipino customer service agents have the tools they need to handle customer inquiries effectively. This can include live chat software, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and data analytics tools. These tools can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the live chat outsourcing project and provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

What are the requirements for outsourcing live chat to the Philippines? 

Here are the general requirements for outsourcing live chat support to the Philippines:

Technical infrastructure

The chat agents need to have a reliable internet connection and computer system to effectively communicate with customers through live chat. This will ensure a smooth and successful customer experience

Chat software

A chat software solution is necessary for the agents to communicate with customers. This software should have features such as real-time messaging, file sharing, and the ability to transfer chats to other agents if needed. 

HR and staffing

Hiring and training of chat agents is a crucial part of outsourcing live chat support. This involves setting up payroll and benefits for the agents and creating a schedule that meets the needs of both the customers and the business. 

Customer service training

The chat agents need to be trained on customer service best practices, product knowledge, and company policies to provide the best customer experience possible. This training should prioritize improving problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. 

Data privacy and security

Protecting sensitive customer information is a top priority when outsourcing live chat support. This includes ensuring compliance with data privacy and security laws and implementing measures to protect customer information, such as secure servers and encrypted communication. 

Quality assurance

Establishing a quality assurance program will ensure that chat agents are providing the best possible customer experience. This program should have regular monitoring of chat agent performance and customer satisfaction, as well as feedback and performance evaluations.

Communication plan

Regular check-ins, performance evaluations, and feedback are important for the success of the live chat outsourcing program. A communication plan should be put in place to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and any issues can be addressed quickly and effectively. 

Performance metrics

Measuring the success of the live chat outsourcing program is essential to evaluate its effectiveness and make necessary improvements. Performance metrics can include customer satisfaction, chat volume, response time, and resolution rate, among others. These metrics should be regularly tracked and reported on to help improve the live chat outsourcing program.

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