Since the pandemic began, 60% of businesses have reported increased call volumes. Concurrently, 80% of customers said they want quicker responses from companies.

Given the growing consumer demand for customer support, businesses must meet and exceed these expectations. 

Whether you're a big corporation or a small business, if you are considering investing in top-notch customer support, and contemplating between having in-house teams or outsourcing offshore customer support agents, this article will explore the pros and cons of both approaches.

An Overview: In-House Versus Offshore Customer Support

When it comes to providing exceptional customer support, there is often a crucial choice on the table: whether to establish an in-house team or explore offshore solutions. This decision can have a significant impact on customer interactions, operational costs, and overall service efficiency.

To better understand these two approaches, let us explore the definitions of in-house and offshore customer support.

In-House Customer Support

When building your customer service team, having your customer support agents work in-house is a great choice to exert more control over the operation. "In-house" means these agents are part of your company, offering valuable benefits such as in-depth product knowledge and prompt feedback, creating a strong link within your team.

Offshore Customer Support

Offshore customer support involves enlisting external assistance to handle various tasks or projects. This often entails collaborating with specialized agencies who excel in specific types of tasks or projects.

When you opt for offshore customer support, you're essentially tapping into a wider pool of expertise beyond your in-house team. This approach can be particularly advantageous when you require specialized skills or want to extend your capabilities without expanding your permanent workforce.

The Pros and Cons: In-House vs. Offshore Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, the choice between in-house and offshore solutions presents distinct advantages and drawbacks.

In-House Customer Support

Offshore Customer Support

How To Decide Whether Hiring In-House or Offshoring Customer Support is the Right Approach For Your Business?

With the benefits and drawbacks of both offshore and in-house solutions in mind, you likely have a good sense of which approach is going to make up an excellent customer service that suits your business needs.

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