Have you seen random links on your page’s comment section with a caption “Look what I have found”? You may have overlooked it but it’s among phishing links that direct users to scam websites to steal their login credentials.  

This type of harmful content is the result of not moderating your user-generated content (UGC). Your comment section should be a freedom wall for all your community members. But without real-time and proper moderation, anyone can exploit it and prey into your customer’s personal information. 

In this blog article, we discussed everything you need to know about community moderation outsourcing and why your online brand needs it to support your business growth on social media platforms.

What is Community Moderation Outsourcing?

Community content moderation outsourcing is the process of entrusting your online community management to a third-party service provider. A content moderation outsourcing company employs content moderators to handle a client’s social media customer support. Typically, a content moderator reviews UGCs, responds to inquiries, and escalates customer concerns.

Building an online community from the ground up is often difficult for brands with low authority. Thus, they outsource community moderation services to see faster ROI in their social media efforts. 

For instance, you’re selling a high-value skincare product. You may want to build an online community that’s dedicated to health and wellness. It’s important that your brand is in front of like-minded audiences looking for the best skincare tips and products in the market. 

However, as your online community grows so is your need to moderate UGCs. You need to monitor if your community members are not associating your brand with malicious content such as frauds and scams. If you want to keep these harmful content at bay, then consider community moderation outsourcing.

Major Benefits of Community Moderation Outsourcing

Community moderation outsourcing does more than strengthening your online presence and visibility. When you invest in the right content moderation service, it can directly impact your customer loyalty and lifetime value. Here are some of the benefits of community moderation outsourcing you may not know:

Protect online brand and users

Even some of the largest social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter struggle to combat the threat of harmful content such as fake news and hate speech. That means a small brand like yours that’s easy to infiltrate is no exception. 

If you’re selling products appropriate for all ages, you have to keep in mind those minors who often visit your page. A community group without proper content moderation can be a breeding ground for suspicious activities. Not only does it harm your young customers, but it also tarnishes your brand you’ve long been establishing. 

To safeguard your online brand and users, it’s a must to have a dedicated content moderator in your team. A highly-trained content moderator understands content moderation best practices and keeps all your content compliant with social media platforms’ community standards. 

Provide real-time responses to customers

Social media is the most accessible communication channel for customers to contact your business. Hence, you must be available in all customer interactions whether it is in comment sections or live chat. 

Your customers may leave a question on your comment section regarding your latest offer. Without timely responses, a customer may feel that you’re not taking their inquiries seriously. As a result, you won’t hear from them again, and worse, lose them to your customers. 

A customer may also send a private message to your inbox to inquire for a specific product. Without someone overseeing your chat messages, some important inquiries may sit at the bottom of your inbox and most likely end up being ignored. 

Any customer interaction online is a sales opportunity. If you want to convert more leads into repeat buyers, then hire a content moderator to do your social media support. 

Maintain a solid customer base online

As you grow your online brand, you’ll attract a lot of users to follow your social media pages. But not everyone in your follower base is a quality lead. Are they engaging with your posts? Are they bringing value to your online presence? If not, then you may consider removing them from your online community. 

Removing irrelevant followers helps you retain authentic users and loyal customers. These are the people you want to keep around as you build a healthier and more diverse online community. An online brand with a growing follower base is hard to manage. Without content moderation, any post from your followers will have a direct impact on your brand reputation. 

If you want to get rid of users who don’t have your best interest, then hire content moderators. They have the patience to sift through your follower base and determine suspicious accounts that may harm your brand in the future. This will help you maintain a solid customer base and only keep users who are ready to transact with your business. 

Build a brand authority on social media

Businesses with a brand authority are the most influential in their respective niches. When they share data-centered studies, it gets a lot of share increasing their referral traffic. But how do you build brand authority alongside other brands that came before you? 

It takes years to build a social media authority. But the first step towards doing it is to establish clear community guidelines. This will serve as a baseline for your future content and customer engagement. Your community guidelines can maintain consistency across your social media posts. It ascertains that your content is engaging, healthy, and valuable which results in higher engagements. 

Creating branded community guidelines from scratch requires domain expertise. You may consider hiring a content moderator to cross this off your list. Content moderators have worked with dozens of online brands before. They are experts at creating community guidelines that resonate with online users without restricting their freedom of expression. 

Increase customer satisfaction

When a customer is not satisfied with your product, they have no qualms at leaving negative reviews on your social media pages. Negative reviews are like a ticking bomb. If you can’t defuse it with a prompt response, it will wreak havoc on your customer satisfaction. 

As a busy business owner, you don’t always have the luxury of time to respond to your customer reviews. Let alone responding to negative reviews in a timely and professional manner. If handling negative reviews is a headache for you, then you should explore community moderation outsourcing. 

A content moderator is adept at handling negative reviews and turning them into positive opportunities. Normally, a business owner would delete a negative review before it gets viral online. But this is not what delivering exceptional customer service is. 

To delight an angry customer, you should acknowledge their complaints and resolve them quickly. This improves your accountability as a brand which increases your customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

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