As a small or medium enterprise, your call center needs are different from that of an already established company. That said, you have to be more thorough in selecting the right partner, especially if you plan on outsourcing your customer service operations.

To make things easier for you, we curated a list of the 10 best call centers for small to medium enterprises based on the features of their call center services and client reviews.

1. SixEleven Global Services

SixEleven is a prominent call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) company with a significant presence in the industry. Established as a Philippine-based, solution-oriented contact center, SixEleven has been operational for over 15 years, showcasing a successful track record in delivering quality services in sales, marketing, and customer support.

The company covers a wide range of call center services, including telemarketing, technical support, chat support, and email support, among others. SixEleven Global Services is an ideal partner for SMEs due to its extensive industry experience, cost-effective pricing, and diverse service offerings.

2. SimplyContact

SimplyContact, an outsourcing company specializing in customer support services, is primarily based in Ukraine and Poland, and emphasizes building meaningful connections between brands and consumers through efficient support services. 

What makes SimplyContact fit for small to medium enterprises is their customer support service designed especially for startups. They offer omnichannel and multilingual customer support, allowing businesses to communicate with customers across various channels and in multiple languages.

3. Big Outsource

Big Outsource is an outsourcing company based in the Philippines, offering a range of services including call center solutions. They emphasize a hassle-free setup for call center teams, focusing on efficient customer connection without complexities. 

Their call center services are diverse, catering to various business needs with solutions like dedicated staffing, project-based outsourcing, shared-agent solutions, and answering services. They also prioritize streamlining the setup process for call center teams, ensuring efficient customer connections without unnecessary complexities, which makes Big Outsource a compelling choice for SMEs seeking outsourcing solutions, especially in the call center arena. 

4. Boldr

Boldr is a global outsourcing company that stands out for its ethical business approach, being a certified B Corp. It is known for building global teams through ethical talent outsourcing, with a workforce spread across the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and the Philippines. 

Their approach combines technological solutions with a human touch to provide personalized and effective customer support. Their services encompass customer service, technical support, and specialized support tailored to meet the distinct requirements of SME clients, making Boldr a valuable partner in enhancing customer relations and business operations.


XACT is a customer contact center service provider with 26 years of experience in the industry. They offer a range of services, including customer help desk, chat and web support, outbound survey and response, service and support dispatch, and telephone answering services. 

This company emerges as an excellent choice for SMEs seeking dependable customer contact center services due to their comprehensive suite of services, including customer help desk, chat and web support, outbound survey and response, service and support dispatch, and telephone answering services.

6. Hit Rate

Hit Rate Solutions is a call center service provider offering a broad range of services at competitive prices, starting from $7 per hour. They operate 24/7 in the USA, Australia, and Canada, and offer inbound and outbound call center services, virtual assistance, lead generation, appointment setting, and cold calling services. 

Hit Rate caters to to various industries, including insurance, real estate, retail, ecommerce, small business, and IT. Hit Rate Solutions focuses on enhancing business processes and customer engagement through their services. They are an attractive option for SMEs seeking cost-effective call center services. With rates starting as low as $7 per hour, they provide around-the-clock support in the USA, Australia, and Canada.

7. provides a range of customer engagement services powered by a combination of AI and human agents. They operate with the philosophy of combining technology with human sensibilities to deliver outstanding customer experiences. They offer solutions like virtual receptionists, outreach campaigns, and AI-powered web chat to various industries. stands out as an excellent choice for SMEs seeking customer engagement solutions that blend AI technology with human expertise. Moreover, their services seamlessly integrate with over 5,000 business tools, providing SMEs with the flexibility and efficiency needed to enhance their operations and customer relationships.

8. Dalerio Consulting

Dalerio Consulting is a digital marketing agency based in Durres, Albania, offering a range of services including call center operations. They provide live chat support, email support, inbound and outbound call center services, telemarketing, sales, and technical support. 

With a focus on identifying customer needs and providing quality communication, they aim to improve services for businesses. Their approach includes marketing, virtual assistance, and social media management to enhance client engagement and business growth. For SMEs seeking to strengthen their customer relationships and expand their market reach, Dalerio Consulting proves to be a valuable and adaptable choice.

9. Welsend

Welsend is a company with over 30 years of experience, handling over 250 million interactions a year. They operate across 60+ sites with more than 16,000 experts, providing services in customer care, case management, technical support, marketing, analytics, consulting, IT service, and digital service automation.

By seamlessly integrating advanced technology with their wealth of expert knowledge, Welsend consistently delivers high-quality customer service experiences, making them a reliable partner for SMEs seeking to enhance their customer support operations and drive business success.

10. ManilaPros

ManilaPros, founded in 2016, is based in Ortigas, Pasig, in the Philippines. They have quickly made a name for itself in the SME sector by offering affordable yet high-quality call center services. They understand the budget constraints and specific needs of SMEs.

The company’s call center services revolve around providing full-service, five-star customer care for retailers, which makes them stand out for their comprehensive customer service, lead generation, and back-office support. 

ManilaPros offers customized services that align perfectly with the needs and growth trajectories of SMEs, making them a valuable partner for those looking to optimize their customer support operations while staying within budgetary constraints.

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Small to medium enterprises have unique needs – they need to scale on demand, save on resources, while ensuring their customers are well taken care of. As an SME, you want to partner with a call center who understands the specific needs of your growing business.

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